Lara Ismael Harrow

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Creative and passionate focused on details for an exquisite and functional user experience.

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Dedicated to work for clean elegant and efficient code focused on maintainability and readability.

Recent Work

Design and production of jewelry business webpage

Study case: websites using only HTML | CSS

Social travel planner

Restaurant queue management system

coworker's notes:

"Lara has a positive attitude and friendly demeanor that makesher an easy teammate to work with. She is persistent and does not get discouraged when workingon blockers even when others might give up. She is also always willing to pitch in anywhereshe might beneeded and can be counted on to be flexible to help a team meet its goals."
Jon Ling

"Lara is a delight to work with.She is the source of
positive energy that drives any team she is on to charge forward and to be exceptional. She has a breadth of experience that gives her the ability to compliment the team in any way necessary to make the project successful. She is very patient in explaining concepts to other team members and embodiesthe belief that a team grows and moves forward together!"
Lam Bui